Thursday, August 17, 2006

Charlie's Angels

Here are some pictures from the Edinburgh Fringe opening party:

Radio Killed the Video Star

Nikki Bedi, BBC Asian Network host, has kindly pledged to help me in my quest to find out if Priya Pathak Ever Got Her Wallet Back:

Thanks Nikki!

Friday, August 11, 2006

The picture of Luke and Simon in the previous post was taken at Dr Roberts' Magic Bus, which got a marvellous write-up in The Guardian yesterday.

This was the accompanying photo:

Dr Robert's Magic Bus

And here is a video of that photo being taken:

It was the same photographer, Murdo McLeod, that took the picture for Pedestrian Congestion Charge last year:

Richard Dedomenici's congestion charge stunt

Murdo obviously has a sense of humour, making Anthony make tilt his head sideways to uncannily resemble the Ron Mueck baby in the same issue of G2:

You Wait for one duck's arse to come along..

..and then two turn up at once.
It was my great honour to document the moment that Simon Casson and Luke Wright's hairdos met for the first time.

It's the first time I've seen Luke look apprehensive.

Luke wants to be Poet Laureate, and performs a rather good show on the subject upstairs from me at the Pleasance Dome.

Doesn't Simon look young since he's gotten rid of his moustache?

(scroll down to my very first post to see Simon with his facial hair intact)

Ever seen a wasp eat a pigeon?

You have now.

"Inch by inch, the elephant fucks the ant."