Thursday, November 17, 2011

31 things to try and take into Zuccotti Park

Ridiculous rules are often the hardest to enforce, and the easiest to subvert.

Here, then, is a list of items to carry upon one's person on policed entry into Zuccotti Park, to test new Health & Safety rules banning tents and sleeping bags.

In ascending order:

1. A picnic blanket

If successful:
2. A picnic blanket with an integral collapsible pole system

3. Energy bars

If yes:

4. Solar Energy Bars


If yes:

6. Rotary washing line

Folding camping furniture

If no:

8. Deck chairs

If no:

9. Deflated inflatable furniture

If yes:

10. Inflated inflatable furniture

If yes:

11. Inflated inflatable furniture filled with helium

Heat packs

Space blankets

Rubble bags

Gaffer tape

A photograph of a tent

A sign with the word TENT written on it

If yes:

18. A tent with the words THIS IS NOT A TENT written on it

Children's paddling pool

If yes:

20. Children's play house

One of these

If yes:
22. One of these

Construction worker's tent
(remember to dress as construction worker to increase your chances of success)

A mobile hot dog grill

An ice cream cart

Ingredients with which to produce lemonade

Advanced Projects

27. Design three triangular placards, made from correx or similar, that can be transformed into a teepee structure. Carry separately.

28. Conceal a sleeping bag under your clothing

If no:
29. Repeat, but conceal inside a body cavity

30. What is the smallest tent one can pitch in Zuccotti Park?

Find out by making an extremely small tent (I'm talking the size of a pack of cigarettes).

Pitch it in Zuccotti Park, then photograph it, using depth of field to make look much bigger.

Post photos online in an act of digital defiance.

Repeat with incrementally larger tents until you are asked to stop.

31. An enormous inflatable Rudolph

Good luck!

Richard DeDomenici

Backward Solutions For A Progressive Future