Friday, February 21, 2014

Alternative Science Fete 2014

I recently made a visit to Royal Holloway University in the non-underwater part of Egham: 

I met with Professor Keith Martin and John Hart from the Information Security Group1

Here is a picture of Keith: 

Keith had a model of the Petronas Towers on top of his bookshelf:

along with a impressive array of Lucite Slabs2.

The ISG are big fans of QR codes at the Information Security department, which made me happy because so am I.

Anyway, based on my visit to the ISG and some subsequent research I devised an idea for the Alternative Science Fete3...


1. Not to be confused with the Information Security Department, which is part of the Isreali Defence Force's Directorate of Military Intelligence.

2. The term 'Lucite Slab' is a reference to Douglas Coupland's 1995 epistolatory novel Microserfs.

3. That's an unusual spelling of my name, Time Out.