Friday, July 24, 2009

Norwich Goes Blue

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Rub Me Up The Wrong Way 2: The Live Art Supergig

Norwich Arts Centre
Saturday July 25th 2009
7pm - midnight
£6.00 / £4.00 concessions

Following the success of 2007’s event, Richard Dedomenici is back to curate another exciting programme of contemporary performance. This time he is exploring the increasing trend of live artists using music in their work, and will programme the event like a music festival, with performances taking place throughout the whole building and gardens.


Here is a video of the last Rub Me Up The Wrong Way.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've just been catching up on the seventh season of 24 and couldn't help but notice the uncanny resemblance between US President Allison Taylor:

and my former secondary school Headmistress Mary Marsh:

Sorry, *Dame* Mary Marsh.

She was awarded a DBE by the Queen in the 2007 New Year's Honours list for her services to families and children.

Then last year she stepped down as Chief Executive of the NSPCC, and was appointed a non-executive director of HSBC.

Which means my old headmistress is now essentially my bank manager, so I shan't comment further on rumours of a planned merger between the two organisations, lest she cancels my overdraft and gives me a detention.

Conspiracy theory as to why they changed the logo of my secondary school in the early 90s

This is the current logo, which features on signage, letterheads etc:

And this is the old logo, which still appears on the school uniform blazer badge:

By removing a few threads you could easily end up with this:

(Why none of us thought of it at the time is beyond me.)

PS. And yes, I have just been watching Valkyrie.


I have recently been to a school reunion, so apologise if the following two posts are a little nostalgic.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Mancunian Candidate

Panic erupts in Manchester as news spreads that Primark cannot be opened due to a 'fault'.

Stunned Sunday shoppers stand frozen in confusion. One subversive Mancunian suddenly exclaims "Shall we goto Miss Selfridge instead?", but her anti-Primark ramblings are quickly quelled by an angry mob.

Mourners flock to Piccadilly Gardens to silently pay their respects to the paralysed store. In an unprecedented outpouring of grief, an impromtu memorial of extremely cheap handbags is beginning to form near the east entrance.

Authorities later trace the source of the fault to a defective bollard near the Arndale Centre:

Richard is having trouble orienting himself in Manchester city centre due to the preponderance of triangular glass architecture.

Thursday, July 02, 2009