Saturday, September 27, 2008

Operation Enduring-Contraflow

The clear blue morning of September the 27th 2008 will go down in history among the people of London as a day of ignominy:

As the day that the Aldgate Roundabout was destroyed.

No organisation has yet to claim responsibility for the atrocity, although speculation surrounding cctv pictures of a white van continues.

Shell-shocked members of the public stand around in a state of bewilderment.

“Whoever did this to our roundabout, replacing it with a sensible system of pedestrian crossings and two-way streets, should be brought to swift justice” said one emotional first-responder.

“Where’s the No.25 Bus Stop gone?” said an equally outraged woman.

Claims that remaining dust could be hazardous have been denied by authorities.

Other prominent roundabouts across the nation, including the Watford Ring-Road (above), have been placed on high alert.

Only a crater remains where, until yesterday, heavy traffic flowed.

Already an impromptu memorial has been established at the site.

A steady stream of pedestrians arrive to pay their respects, many spraying tributes to the roundabout in Braille on the pavement.

“Never Again” reads this anonymous message.

It is hoped that that, from these shattered remains, a new Aldgate Roundabout can, one day, be rebuilt.

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Luci said...

I really like all that Richard; it's really funny.