Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shouting at the Television

I just watched Ricky Gervais being interviewed on the Daily Show, and couldn't help but notice that he almost immediately reverted to the script of his 2003 show 'Animals'.

For example he informed John Stewart that:

"Bats always exit a cave to the left"

to which Stewart remarked:

"We should try that in the subway"

At this point Gervais could, if he had wanted to be topical and provocative, have retorted:

"You should try that in Iraq"

Instead he replied:

"Yeah, all exit left.. even if it's not the way you want to go.. there'd be less bumping in.."

Later he challenged:

"Ask me anything about sharks and Nazis"

To which Stewart enquired:

"What direction do Nazis move, when they walk out of a .."

Ricky quickly interjected:

"Polar bears are left-handed"

Which is all well and good, but surely instead of this, he should have pointed his arm in the air, palm stretched, and shouted:

"They go Reich!"


Too soon?

Well anyway, my point is, we all have creative peaks and troughs, and if we're lucky we'll be offered lucrative Hollywood contracts to see us through the wilderness years.

Decide for yourself here.